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Blog des Projekts Uganda: Wasserversorgung für die Divine Mercy High School

21.11.2019 // 11:50

Listening, watching and talking to each other makes projects successful

“We have arrived safely. Tomorrow we will be picked up to drive to Kyotera. Now we meet Zoe from our partner organization Engineers without Borders USA ", report Amelie and Corinna from Kampala.

Yes, we think we have a picture of Divine Mercy High School, its needs and needs after short visits, phone calls, telephone conferences, e-mails and first interviews of the local Rotary club in Kyotera. But that is not enough to "get the right things right".

In order to make the most of your donations for appropriate solutions for improving sanitation and water supply, we need to observe, ask, listen, look closely: what do the students really want, how do our personal contacts and partner organizations on the ground tick, how do we get the District Water Officer on our side ...

Amelie and Corinna are now on site for two weeks at Divine Mercy High School, Kyotera, in southwest Uganda.

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16.05.2020 // 17:32

Bildung in schwerem Fahrwasser – und die Schüler/-innen? / Education in deep waters – and the...

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10.05.2020 // 13:22

Trotz COVID-19 arbeiten wir weiter – digital - Despite COVID-19, we continue to work - digitally

Actually the necessary time to carry on the planning works has been affected by the lockdown and I think we need an extra month until June to accomplish the deliverables...

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16.04.2020 // 12:58

Schnelle Lösung gefragt - Quick Solution needed

“The hygienic situation of the girls' toilets is alarming and the pit is about to overflow at any time,” berichteten Mukasa Spire und Frank Kakeeto in unserer...

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07.03.2020 // 15:23

Ausschreibungen in Arbeit / Tenders for implementation in progress

„The team is complete and very active now“, berichtete Mukasa Spire. Unser Partner ist mit seinem lokalen Planungsteam gestartet und gemeinsam läuft das gemeinsame „...

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11.12.2019 // 00:09

Nach der Erkundung - Was jetzt zu tun ist / After Exploration Mission - What to do now

„Wir haben Geländeplan und Projektplanung vervollständigt, Wasserproben entnommen und die Erkundung mit den Unterschriften der Projektvereinbarungen (MoUs) mit unseren...

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27.11.2019 // 15:23

Erfolgreiche erste Woche - A successful first week

„Wir haben unsere Partner der Divine Mercy High School und vom lokalen Rotary Klubs an einen Tisch gebracht – zuhören und miteinander reden lassen. Und so haben wir auch...

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21.11.2019 // 11:26

Zuhören, beobachten und miteinander reden machen Projekte erfolgreich

„Wir sind gut angekommen. Morgen werden wir abgeholt, um nach Kyotera zu fahren. Jetzt treffen wir gleich Zoe von unserer Partnerorganisation Engineers without Borders...

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